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 Dumitru Balcescu

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PostSubject: Dumitru Balcescu   Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:05 pm

Name: Dumitru Balcescu
Age: Unknown
Race: Human/Sorceror (though it isn't known to him yet...)
Background: He was born in Romania but had Japanese parents. Only two days after his birth both of his parents died in a tragic accident and he was immeadiately put into a new home with adoptive parents. Until he was 18 he always thought that they were hiding something from him. His mother had sent him away with a simple necklace that he never took off. She had told him that one day it would reveal everything to him. He believed her and still waits for the necklace to work its magic. Until then, he is looking for the girl who is supposed to unlock the secret.

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Dumitru Balcescu
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