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 Laynuh Terris

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PostSubject: Laynuh Terris   Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:10 pm

Name: Laynuh Terris/ Adelicia
Age: (Appears 9) 13
Race: Vampire
Background: When Laynuh was 6 years old, she was taken by a master vampire named Rastus. At the age of 9, she became his child vampire mistress. Her memory of her family she had before she was taken prisoner had been swiped. She is aware that people are out to kill her master. Even though she's young, she has it in her mind that it's her job to destroy anyone that gets close enough to her. She may be small, but this baby vampire has got a lot of power. She has the ability to change into whatever is needed to protect her true identity. Her master has taught her well.

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Laynuh Terris
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