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 Oliviuh Pasteur

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PostSubject: Oliviuh Pasteur   Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:00 pm

Name: Oliviuh Pasteur
Age: 46
Race: Ice Demon/Assassin
Background: Once fell madly in love with a man who never told her his name. All she could ever remember was the red of his hair and the way his eyes lit up when he smiled. She had tried to grow close to him but he soon drifted away and then left forever. She was left heartbroken and commited suicide. She was told in hell that he had been turned to a fire demon and swore to get the devil himself to turn her into a demon too. He agreed and let her roam the earth ace an ice demon. If she doesn't meet up with him within two years then she'll be cast back down to hell. All she needs is a friendship. The only thing is, she only has 2 more months until her time is up.

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Oliviuh Pasteur
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