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 Candiedinia Flaherty

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PostSubject: Candiedinia Flaherty   Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:38 pm

Name: Candiedinia Flaherty
Age: 21
Race: Human/ Hunter
Background: She was once a human servant to a master vampire, but she just recently was saved by another master vampire stronger than the one holding her. Remarkably, she kept her power and still lives on, practically invincible. She came to America and met her best friend, Helena Dragonetti. From then on, they were inseperable. Now, they live in St. Lous, Missouri and are surrounded by gorgeous men. Only problem is, most of them are what they hunt. Will she let go of her prejudices and fall for an "animal"? How about a walking corpse that drinks blood to survive?

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Candiedinia Flaherty
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