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 Raina Terris

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PostSubject: Raina Terris   Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:09 am

Name: Raina Terris
Age: (Appears 17) 64
Race: Vampire
Background: Raina was born in Yorkshire, England to a farmer and his wife. When she was 11, Raina's parents had another daughter, Laynuh. At the age of 17, Raina was turned by a five-century-old vampire named Rafael. His older brother slaughtered her family but kept Laynuh as a child vampire mistress. When Raina had been a vampire for 7 years, Rafael released her from his chains so she could find her sister. Little did she know that he was watching her every move. His plans for her were only just beginning.

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Raina Terris
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