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 Xavier Beauvais

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PostSubject: Xavier Beauvais   Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:27 am

Name: Xavier Beauvais
Age: 145
Race: Werewolf/Vampire Hunter Spy
Background: There in not much known about Xavier. When he was 132, Xavier was brought to a castle to be a prisoner and used as a werewolf slave by a master vampire named Rafael. When he came to the castle, so did a young girl named Raina. He watched her for seven years until she was released. Just from watching her, he became a protector of her from a distance. The night she was released, he made a deal with Rafael. He would get in close with the vamprie hunters and be Rafael's spy. Rafael agreed and set him free three hours after Raiana. Now Xavier roams in hopes to find his dear Raina while desperately trying to keep her safe from the hunters he falsely works for.

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Xavier Beauvais
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