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 Gandon Batholem

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PostSubject: Gandon Batholem   Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:00 pm

Name: Gandon Batholem
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire/Werewolf/Assassin
Background: As a young adult his entire family was slaughtered. He was thought to be among them. Instead he was taken in by a pack of werewolves and turned into one of them at age 23. After being with them for three years he had caught word of his little sister still being alive. With permission from the pack leader, the Ulfric, he left on a journey to find his little sister, his last living relative. Along the way he came across a vampire who could turn anything into one of itself no matter what it might have already been. So, now he's cursed with being a vampire and a werewolf, still in search of his baby sister.

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Gandon Batholem
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